Simplifying Your Job Search

Regardless of the Age, Region and experience, the exodus of Job search is an excruciating one. Once the profile is shared in Job portal, arrival of every new mail creates a fidgeting antsy moments. Perhaps, its only period wherein all the marketing call from unknown numbers are promptly answered and notification icons in jobportal carries more weightage than the number of “Likes” for the recent selfie. Pathos and motivational messages alternates’ status in WhatsApp. These are few common symptoms of a JobSearch which has gone cold. Call it as serendipity, during such times close circle of friends miraculously transforms into erudite experts prophesizing on the pathetic condition of Job market and how opportunities are increasingly becoming tougher and fewer. Such eulogies further fuels fear of the unknown resulting in a gyrating abyss of nihilism.

As someone who had got dozen of job offers in last three years, I wish to share my optimistic journey not with the intent of being preachy rather from a viewpoint of a cured patient boosting confidence of another one waiting in-line complaining on similar symptoms. First and foremost, let’s not attempt to time or speculate the job market, though there are understandable period of slowness (last quarter of the year) all we need is one job offer. So waiting for ingenious flood-gate to open will result in a perpetual infinite delay. If there is a right time to apply it is THIS very moment.

The notion of “Perfect Resume” is a complete farce. One size fit all resume doesn’t exist, update the resume to highlight required sections suitable for the Job description. JD’s primarily focuses either on Technology, or domain or process capability and not all three simultaneously. So putting right effort in understanding and customizing resume to the JD is absolutely essential. Make no mistake customization is not same as pretension. A process analysts JD cannot be translated to a Data Scientist requirement that’s a complete anomaly.

Sprouting right keywords, unfortunately most of the Job portal based search is still Keyword driven. Though there are bunch of criticism against it, let’s acknowledge that’s the way it’s going to be in the foreseeable future and most successful species is neither the smartest nor the strongest one rather the most adoptive one. So lavishly spray appropriate keywords into the resume (wherever there is an acceptable interchangeability such as “Agile” & “Scrum” use both). Remember the search rules are heavily inclines on this dropdown boxes than the fabulous literature sculpturing your resume

Follow Deming’s 4th principle of working with few external consultants, equipped with a one page profile spend quality time and support them to understand depth of your experience and capabilities. Elicit feedback from them and focus more to know the causes of rejection. This is humanely not possible when networking with numerous recruiters rather few selected one will be a sure recipe for success. Most important, be thankful and be respectful of thin line differentiating nagging vs seeking feedback.

Brand building, though lot is written about creating a positive image through your posts/articles/comments , IMHO this it’s still a far-fetched mirage, primary reason being most of decision makers had not adopted social media as a platform to watch and recognize such brands, other being conservative mindset unwittingly tags such activities as weeds of productivity. I am optimistic on rescinding nature of such mindset but until then don’t bet big on this feature. The self-aggrandizing fancy titles and usage of superlatives in the profiles may play a spoilsport and will be counterproductive to the ceaseless Job hunting efforts

Evangelize your availability to your network, for commercials and other reasons, many organizations still prefer to intake through internal referrals and there is a higher chance of your door knock will translate to a win-win for you and your referrer. Scrap old fashioned thought of reaching to your network as synonymous of seeking a favor or symbol of your inability, in digital world news of your market readiness might become a funding source for your friend’s forthcoming vacation.

Value based positioning, I had tried this few times with influential positions in an organization wherein you seek FaceTime and put forward a customized pitch on how you can be a credible enabler in helping them to reach their goals. It works but requires a longer cycle time as there may not be a position readily available and set of red tapes has to be surpassed in creating one. Nevertheless be thankful and before going down this path be fully prepared to wear sleeve of perseverance and passive rejections.

AI based decision system and #Watson social scoring are heralding signs of positive and powerful recruitment process , however lets acknowledge the current system is plagued with inefficiencies and is not going away sooner. Until such time, the enumerated experiences will be like the melancholy strain of the “The Solitary Reaper” for the weary job seeker as he navigates the uphill in search of the dream job

I listened, motionless and still;

And, as I mounted up the hill,

The music in my heart I bore,

Long after it was heard no more……